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Please read this if you are having any trouble logging into this Account Manager.
The login and password for this Account Manager is the same login and password
that you have chosen for yourself during the initial signup. Session cookies need to be
enabled in your web browswer settings for the login to work properly.

Hint: The login username for this Account Manager is never your domain name.
If you received an email from us with your username listed as:  your-own-site-name.com,
that is not the correct login and password for this page. Instead that login is for your
hosting FTP, so that you can upload files to our web servers.
However, the Account Manager that you see on this page is the central super account
used to control access to all your domain, hosting, and email account profiles and settings.
Please guard your Account Manager login and password.

You can use the Account Manager on this page to:
1. Change your hosting FTP or email control panel password instantly under "settings".
2. Enable HostSite PrivateWHOIS protection to hide your WHOIS contact information.
3. Change your WHOIS contact information and domain ownership information instantly.
4. Update your billing email address and contact phone number so that we can
    send you important renewal notices.
5. Change the DNS Nameservers listed for your domains to make it work with your hosting.
6. Setup domain redirection and masking for your domains
7. Setup IP, MX, CNAME pointing for your domains
8. Manage all your domains, email, and hosting accounts one place.