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  How To Register Your Own Name:
  1. Do a search on the right to see
      whether a specific domain name
      is available for public registration.

  2. If available, proceed to complete
      the registration steps to gain
      ownership of that domain name.

  3. After you reserve the domain name,
      only you can use that specific
      name on the internet. You can
      use that name as a web site,
      as your email, or you can just
      keep that domain reserved under
      your ownership without doing
      anything until you are ready.

  4. There is no catch. We register
      web site names under your
      ownership and give you complete
      control over how you decide to
      manage your domain name here.

  5. In the future, if you need to make
      any changes related to your
      domain name, you can easily
      do that yourself here through
      your Account Manager.

  Domains are registered on the internet
  on a first-come first-served basis.
  Thus, it becomes increasingly
  important to reserve your domains
  today before the one you want is
  taken by your competitor tomorrow.
  Because thousands of domain names
  are registered each day, the longer
  you wait, the less choices you will
  have in finding the right domain name
  for you. Start your search here now,
  and secure your online future.

  Note: As you read this, and consider
  what domain names you want, you
  are probably aware of how fast the
  internet has evolved. The internet will
  soon become a global center of
  mass communication, and only then
  will you realize the importance and
  value of your domain name. Don't
  wait for that day when you will be left
  without a good web-name,
  take action now.

  A little investment now, might just
  pay off big later.

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Reserve your own web site address here
Then only you have exclusive rights
to use that name on the internet.

FREE with every domain registration here:

  • Instant modification of domain information
  • Parked Page
  • Domain forwarding / redirection
  • URL Masking / Framing with Meta Tag Support
  • Managed DNS services (mx, ip, cname pointing)
  • Compatibility with all service providers
  • Free Private / Unlisted Registrations

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    Get a website name!
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    Private Registrations

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    Options After Registration:

    1. You can put up a website
    using your own domain.
    Host your domain name.

    2. You can use your name
    for your email address:
    3. You can redirect your
    domain to another existing
    website, or to any other
    domain name that you
    own. Its free. This is also
    useful for people who
    want to redirect domains
    that are similar to their
    brand name directly
    to their main website.

    4. You are free to sell
    your domain name to any
    interested person for
    any price. After all, you
    own the domain name.
    Transferring ownership
    of a domain is free here.

    5. You can put up an
    ecommerce website
    and accept credit cards.
    Accept credit cards online.

    6. Or you can even do
    absolutely nothing and just
    keep the domain name
    reserved under your
    ownership until you are
    finally ready to use it
    one day.


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