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Frequently Asked Domain Name Questions

Question: What is a domain name?
If you ever noticed anyone effectively advertising their-own-site.com on a building, a TV commercial,
or the radio,  their-own-site.com is an example of a domain name that has been registered.
In order for a person to use a specific .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us domain name as their
own unique website address on the internet,  that person had to register for exclusive ownership
of the domain name first.
Question: Can anyone register a domain name at HostSite.com?
Yes, anyone can easily register their own (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, or .us) website address here
for present or future use. As a domain registration company, HostSite.com, can make sure that
the domain is properly registered under your ownership. Unlike other companies, we will never register
domain names under our own name. It is your domain name! At HostSite.com, our goal is to give
you as much control over your own domain name as possible.
Question: How much does domain registration cost?
Domain registration at HostSite.com is just $13.95 per year. There is no hidden fees for reserving a domain name.
It is very straight forward. Anyone can register their own domain name a HostSite.com because it requires
no special knowledge or computer skill in order to complete a domain name registration here.
Question: How long does the domain registration process take?
Domain registration at HostSite.com is quick, and normally takes about 3 to 4 minutes to complete.
Once you have submitted a registration and paid for your domain name, and after we have verified
your payment, you can now be the proud owner of your domain name: www.your-sitename.com
Question: After I register a domain name, do I own exclusive rights to use my domain name?
Yes, you own the right to use the domain name for as long as the domain name is registered under your name.
However, you are responsible for making sure that registering the domain name will not interfere with current
laws pertaining to domain names and its legal use.
Question: Is registering a domain name at HostSite the same as registering it at Network Solutions?
Yes, you basically get the exact same product (domain registration), but at a much lower price.
Rather than paying $35/yr for domain registrations and renewals, wouldn't it be much nicer to just
pay the lower $13.95 instead? While we are doing the same service (domain registration) for less,
keep in mind that we also include value added services for free here that Network Solutions would have
charged you extra money for if you should ever need to use them. For example, we include free
value added services such as private  unlisted registrations, domain parking, domain forwarding,
domain masking, and managed DNS services such as MX, IP, and CNAME pointing.
Network Solutions will charge extra for these services, while we give it away for free with the domain name.
Question: How do I add more renewal years after my registration?
You can renew now even way before your domain name expires. Adding extra registration time by simply
login into your: Renewal Manager. You will never lose any time by renewing early because the extra time is
added to your current expiration date.
Question: How do I put up a website using my domain name?
You will need to web hosting plan to make your domain name work on the internet.
Click here to read the "Web Hosting Frequently Asked Questions" page which should
answer this question.
Question: What can I use to build my web pages?
You can use Microsoft FrontPage 2003 to build your web pages without even having to
know html. Its simple to use and quite intuitive. Although we support Front Page Extensions,
we do not  recommend using FrontPage Extensions to upload your web pages
since it will break your pages in the future if you should edit those pages later without using Front Page.
Uploading using FTP gives you the most flexibility and compatibility with future editing and is the preferred
method of uploading web pages.

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