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WebSite Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is website hosting?
If you registered your own domain name such as: "your-own-company.com," and you want to put up a website
using your registered name, you will need to get a hosting service to make the name work.
Using HostSite.com's website hosting service, you can get "your-own-company.com" up on the internet.
You simply build your web pages, and then upload those pages directly to our servers for the world to see.
Your customers and  friends will then be able to find you by visiting your website address from anywhere
in the world.
Question: What is the minimal requirement for website hosting service?
The minimum requirement is that you must own the domain name that you are trying to host.
As an example, our registered domain name is:  HostSite.com. Because we own the HostSite.com
domain name, only our company can use the name HostSite.com on the internet as our website address.
With this in mind, you may start to understand just how important it is to register your own domain name
for your company as well. By registering your own domain name, only you can use that domain name
for hosting your website or for your email service. Because domain registrations are reserved on a
first come first serve basis, we highly recommend that you register your own domain names today
before anyone else can register them tomorrow. This keeps your website naming options available
in case you find out that you really need to use that specific website name in the future.
Question: How do I get my website working after I ordered a hosting package from HostSite.com?
To make your website work on the internet after you ordered a hosting plan here,
simply follow these step by step setup instructions. We made them easy to follow.
Question: Does email service come with a hosting plan at HostSite.com?
Yes, domain email service is included at HostSite.com with each hosting plan.
Question: What is HostSite.com's DNS NameServers for hosting?
Our DNS NameServers for resolving your hosting and email accounts are:



We have three DNS NameServers for hosting for extra redundancy and reliability.
Question: How do I change my DNS NameServers listed for domain names I registered at HostSite.com
HostSite.com makes it fast and easy for you to change your DNS Nameservers for any domain name registered here.
1. Login Account Manager
2. Click on "Domain Names" link
3. Click on the domain name you want to manage.
4. Click on "Change DNS Nameservers."
5. After you get to this point, adding and deleting NameServers is self-explanatory from that page.
Question: How do I upload my web pages to your hosting servers?
You can either use FTP software or  using the file manager inside
your hosting control panel at:  https://hosting.hostsite.com/OS4/

If you are using FTP, your setting are:

hostname:  ftp.your-own-domain.com    (replace 'your-own-domain.com' with your hosting domain name)
username:  your-own-domain.com         (replace 'your-own-domain.com' with your hosting domain name)
password:   (your hosting password)

If you do not already have FTP software, you can get a free FTP software called FileZilla.
Question: How do I change my hosting password?
You need to login to Account Manager to reset your hosting password.
1. Inside Account Manager.
2. Click on 'Hosting Accounts' link
3. Click on the "settings" link next to the hosting domain name that you want to manage.
4. Click on the "change hosting password" link, and the rest is self explanatory from that point.
Question: What can I use to build my html web pages?
You can use Microsoft FrontPage 2003 to build your web pages without even having to
know html. Its simple to use and quite intuitive. Although we support Front Page Extensions,
we do not, however,  recommend using FrontPage Extensions to upload your web pages
because it will break your pages in the future if you edit those pages later without using Front Page.
Uploading using FTP gives you the most flexibility with editing and is the preferred
method of uploading web pages.

Or you can use Online WebSite Creator to build your website from templates.
You do not even have to know HTML to build your site using the site builder.

You can even use free HTML editor such as:  Mozilla Composer
to build your web pages, and then upload them to our servers using FTP.