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Setup your website and email address using your own custom domain name.
If you already have a domain name, and you want to use your domain as your personal or business website,
you've come to the right page. Simply start by ordering a web hosting plan below that suits your needs.

If you do not own your own .com, .net, or .org web address yet,  we recommend that you
register your domain name first, and then signup for web hosting service here later.

Premium hosting plans are ideal for personal, organization, or small business websites.
Enterprise hosting plans include SSL are ideal for ecommerce websites.

  Key Features







  Monthly Cost:






  Disk Space:






  Monthly Transfer



216.0GB 576.0GB 720.0GB
  Setup Cost






  30 Day Guarantee

  Email Features
  Email Accounts



15 15 30
  POP3 & WebMail

  Catch-All / Forwarding
  Spam Filtering -
  Auto Responders -
  Ecommerce Features          
  EasyStoreMaker Pro



  SSL Encryption - - Optional Add On
Just $3.33/m
  Shopping Cart - -
  Advanced Features          
  PHP / Perl / CGI - -
  mySQL Database - -
  WordPress Installed - -
  Management Features          
  Access to Log Files - -
  Web Stats - -
  Website Checker - -
  Search Engine
  File Manager

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Build a beautiful website without knowing HTML: (Free with any hosting plan)
For beginners, you can use Easy-Website-Wizard to generate a professional multi-page website
that look as if you paid thousands for. You do not need to know how to write HTML code
since your web pages are generated using quality templates. It is as easy as pointing your mouse,
entering your data, and clicking your way to the completed website.

Because we deploy large scale infrastructure, we can continue to keep our network extremely reliable!
If you spent money advertising your website, cheap hosting with tons of space at the expense of
excessive downtime is of little value. You want a hosting provider who can keep your website up,
and be there when you need help. Infrastructure and personal support are two major areas
where HostSite.com excels above the rest.

Clustering is what makes our hosting much more reliable than a majority of providers.
For example, while most providers put your web site on just one server, your website here
is handled by a very large group of servers instead. If any server in the group is down,
your website is still up because any working server in the cluster group can serve
your webpage to your visitors. This redundant setup helps eliminate any single point of failure
in a hosting environment.

More and more businesses and organizations are switching over to hostsite.com everyday!
Online businesses and organizations that have lost business or leads because of excess downtime
from their previous hosting providers eventually end up moving over to hostsite.com for stability.
Try out our hosting, and see how incredibly speedy and reliable it is. We have a full 30 day
satisfaction or your money back guarantee on all hosting packages. However, please keep
in mind that the domain name registration itself is non-refundable.

Maximize the success potential of your website by using HostSite.com clustered infrastructure.
As you put your website at hostsite.com, you'll begin to notice the increase in website availability
and improvements the loading speed of your website. As that happens, you'll begin to see
the difference between hostsite.com and other hosting providers will become apparent.
Unlike a majority of other providers, we do not host your website on one only server,
and we do not overload our servers with more volume than it can handle.
Instead, we solve the  problem by spreading the traffic load across a farm of at least 100+ servers
depending on what hosting package you choose. This assures that no matter how big you grow,
your hosting account here can accommodate your traffic.

To get started with a hosting plan, choose from the following three groups of hosting plans:
The premium plans are ideal for simple and medium size websites, whereas the enterprise plans
are built for reliable ecommerce. If you do any selling online, an Enterprise Level Hosting plan
is more suitable. However, regardless of what package you decide to choose here, you
can upgrade anytime without disruption to your website.

Premium Hosting Plans  -  Extreme affordability and reliability for individuals and small businesses.
                                              Our Premium Hosting Plans are displayed on this page.

Enterprise Level Hosting Plans  -  Large level clustered hosting for ecommerce or high volume websites.
                                                            Recommended if you're planning to sell online.

ASP/Cold Fusion Hosting Plans  -   Large level clustered hosting that supports Microsoft technology and databases.
                                                            If you need ASP or .NET, you can use these hosting plans.