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All Enterprise hosting packages are clustered using over 100+ servers networked between two cities.
Clustering is a very expensive and sophisticated method of networking where your website's reliability
is no longer dependent on just one server. If one server goes down, another takes over,
and so forth until they all fail, which is very unlikely. With this setup, even if all the servers in one city
gets completely destroyed for any reason, another large group of servers from another city will take over
and keep your web site, email, and database up. Keep in mind, if you're looking to beat out your competitors
with available uptime, and reliability, these clustered packages can give you just the advantage you need.
At these low prices, nothing on the internet comes close to matching the technology powering these plans.
  Choose An Enterprise
HostSite.com Plan:

  Monthly Price:           $14.95            $19.95          $24.95
  Disk Space:           6000 MB            9000 MB          15000 MB
  Monthly Transfer           (576.0 GB)            (720.0 GB)          (1440.0 GB)
  Email Accounts
  PO3 & WebMail
          15            30          60
  Scripting Support           CGI / PHP            CGI / PHP          CGI / PHP
  MySQL Database           MySQL            MySQL          MySQL
  30 day guarantee
  or money back
          Yes            Yes          Yes
  Online WebSite Builder            Yes            Yes          Yes
  FTP           Yes            Yes           Yes
  Front Page Ext           Yes            Yes          Yes
  Shopping Cart           Yes            Yes          Yes
  SSL           SSL Included            SSL Included          SSL Included



Your data is safe here. We backup snapshots of your website and database everyday!
Other providers tell you that they have daily backups. But can they prove it?
And can you ever make use of those backups whenever you want?
With an Enterprise Level Hosting plan here, you definitely can,  and here is our proof that you can see.

With every Enterprise Level package, you can login to your Hosting Control Panel here,
and choose a full restore from snapshot copies of your website that we have saved
at approximate every  8 hour intervals dating back to 4 days ago.
That is at least 10 different copies of your website that you can choose to revert back to anytime
with just a simple click of a button. The items backed up not only include your website, but your
critical database information as well. And the best thing is that you do not have to know anything
about backups or restore, because all this is automatically done for you by default.

We realize that one size does not fit all, so we have three affordable groups of hosting plans:
Premium Level, Enterprise Level, and ASP Level hosting plans.
Premium Hosting Plans Affordability and reliability for individuals and small business.
Enterprise Level Hosting Plans Large level clustered hosting built similar to the infrastructure
used by fortune 500 companies for their own web sites.
The above plans shown in the above green area on this page
are our Enterprise Level Hosting Plans.
ASP/Cold Fusion Hosting Plans Clustered hosting that supports Microsoft technology. 
You only need to choose an ASP plans if your programmer
builds applications using either ASP, Cold Fusion,
or MS Access database.