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     If you want to contact a domain owner who is protected by our service,
     you're on the right page. You can contact the person through this website
     without us giving you his or her direct email address. Read more below...
     or you can click here when you are ready to contact the domain owner.

Background Information:

 Whenever you register for ownership of a domain name, information such as your address, email, phone number
 is required to be public information. Thus anyone anywhere can look up any domain owners contact information
 by using a public tool called the WHOIS.

 Internet law requires that there be always be a way to contact the domain owner incase of disputes or violations.
 However, despite the fact that this rule was meant to keep order and stability, it perpetuates two major problems.
 First, email marketers take your public WHOIS information, add you to their email list, and send you junk email.
 Second, bulk postal mail advertisement companies spider WHOIS info and mail you physical bulk postal mail.
 Now, those companies sell your information, and you end up with even more junk to shift through.

 PrivateWhois.com solves the above two problems, so you can register your domain in private,
 block access to viewing your email address, or any other contact information, yet still meeting the minimum
 internet law requirements that states that there must be a way to contact a domain name owner
 in case of any domain-name related disputes.

How does PrivateWhois service protect your privacy and domain registration contact information?

Registration of domain names at HostSite.com are registered under your name or your company's name,
so that you retain full official ownership rights to the domain name. HostSite.com will never register domains
under their our own name, since the name should belong to you. Private registrations are included free
with every domain name registered at HostSite.com for your protection.

Blocking Email Spammer and Scam Artists:
Every domain registration at HostSite.com is registered into the WHOIS using our email address
which is displayed as:  email-protected-by@private-whois.com

This way, spammers and data miners can not crawl the WHOIS database and pull out your real email address.
If marketers do the crawl, they end up mining our email address: email-protected-by@private-whois.com
instead which is of no use to them.

How do I contact a domain owner regarding a legitimate request via email?
To email the domain owner, you can only email the owner of the domain name from this website only.
This ensures that only legitimate people, and not automated robots, can contact the domain owner.
Click here if you would like to contact a domain owner that is protected by our PrivateWhois service.