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Make HostSite.com Your Domain Registration Company

Transfer your domain name here and you will be able to
manage and renew that domain name through HostSite.com
instead. Consolidating all your accounts at HostSite.com
makes tracking your domains a whole lot easier.

To transfer and renew at HostSite.com:

Enter the domain name you want to transfer here into
    the orange box on the right side of this page.

Completion of the transfer process will result in
    changing your domain registration company
    from another company, such Network Solutions
    to HostSite.com. Once the domain transfer is
    completed and your domain is here,
    one year will be added to your current
    domain's expiration date. The transfer will
    only change your domain registration company
    and add 1 year to your expiration date,
    and will not affect any current working services tied to
    your domain name such as hosting or email service.

3. After you submitted the transfer request from this page.
    You must remember to approve our confirmation email
     to show that you have the authority to transfer the domain.
     The email is sent to the administrative contact email address
     listed in your domain's WHOIS ownership records

4.  After you approve your first email confirmation notice
     sent by us, you will have to look for a 2nd confirmation
     notice to approve at that same administrative email.
     The second email will be sent by your previous
      domain registration company to verify that you
      want to transfer away. Approve this as well.

5.  After you approve your 2nd email, you are all set.
     Just wait two or three more days, and your domain
     name will be at HostSite.com for you to manage
     through the Account Manager.

6. Check the WHOIS to see the changes.
    If your domain transfer was successful,
    you should see HostSite.com listed as your
    new domain registration company.
    You will also see that 1 year has been added
    to your old expiration date.

Transfer/Renew Your Domain Here


A successful transfer:
1. renews your domain for one
    additional year using the
    current expiration date
    listed in your whois record.

2. You will only be charged for any
    successful transfer / renewals.
            Use the bulk transfer tool below
            to transfer multiple domains here.

Bulk Transfer Domains Here

Separate your list of domains
using the ENTER"  (return) key.
One domain name per line.